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(LifeSiteNews) — Austrian pro-life activist Manuela Steiner joined Jonathon on today’s episode of The Van Maren Show to discuss her country’s COVID restrictions, mass protests, and her work for ProLife Europe.

Steiner noted how the entire justification for lockdowns and restrictions over the past two years has been framed in terms of saving individual lives — yet the same justification falls on deaf ears when it is framed to counter the grave injustice of abortion.

“I am willing to sacrifice a lot for other [human lives], but we have to start at the beginning of life,” she said.

Speaking about her pro-life activism, Steiner said ProLife Europe is focused on ushering in a wave of cultural change, as opposed to political change, given the dire political situation in Austria and in Europe more broadly.

“We are losing in the political sphere right now, but the change will be coming from the ground up, from society,” she said.

To that end, ProLife Europe reaches out to students in particular, though campus lockdowns and online classes have made outreach more difficult as of late.

“We had a door-to-door campaign running, simply knocking on people’s doors and asking them about their opinion on abortion because there was nowhere else to meet people,” Steiner said. “And interestingly enough, although many people are afraid of social contact, still many opened their doors and we could have lots of lots of awesome discussions.”

ProLife Europe now has over 30 chapters in 10 European countries and is continuing to grow by the day. Check out the website here.

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