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(LifeSiteNews) — Supermarket chain Aldi is mandating the COVID vaccine for all its employees in Australia.

Allowing only narrow and documented medical exceptions, “all employees across stores, warehouse, transport and offices” will be required to be “fully vaccinated” against the novel coronavirus, announced CEO Tom Daunt.

Aldi appears not to have taken into consideration workers who may be concerned about the safety of the experimental shots. U.S. FDA-recognized adverse events include severe anaphylactic reactions, fatal thrombotic events, the inflammatory heart condition myocarditis and neurologically disabling disease like Guillain Barré Syndrome. 

A letter sent to employees explaining the new policy says that “ALDI has provided over 3 months’ notice of the requirement to be vaccinated by March 2022 to continue in employment,” according to a November 20 report in the The Exposé.

“Employees who choose not to be vaccinated will be permitted to work until 1st March 2022,” the announcement continued. “Unfortunately, employees who choose not to be vaccinated will not be able to continue in employment with ALDI from 1st March 2022.”

In addition to recognizing the “extremely limited instances” when an employee may not be able to receive these injections, the corporation will allow certain delays to reception of the jabs based on medical advice: “For example, someone who contracts COVID-19 after their first dose may need to wait until they have recovered from the acute illness before having the second dose.”

Aldi warns that employees who agree to the shots will not just be subjected to these first rounds of injections, but should they wish to stay employed in the future, ongoing booster shots might be required.

These policies don’t only apply to all employees of the supermarket chain, but to suppliers and contractors who “will be required to provide confirmation that all their workers working on Aldi’s premises have been fully vaccinated.”

Customers, however, are not affected by these policies and remain free from such coercion due to the stores’ providing “essential retail services” and a recognized “limited transmission” of the virus “between customers in retail settings.”

In seeking to justify the mandate, Daunt suggested that “vaccinated employees are less likely to contract COVID-19 than unvaccinated employees, and vaccinated employees are also less likely to pass COVID-19 on to colleagues or customers.”

Coronavirus vaccine trials have never produced evidence that the vaccines stop infection or transmission. They do not even claim to reduce hospitalization, but the measurement of success is in preventing severe symptoms of COVID-19 disease. Moreover, there is strong evidence that the “vaccinated” are just as likely to carry and transmit the virus as the unvaccinated.

In response to Aldi’s policy, activist and founder of Reignite Democracy Australia, Monica Smit, told LifeSiteNews, “Even though mandating a medical procedure and failing to obtain informed consent is against our constitution, it is happening anyway. Companies, like ALDI, are implementing unlawful policies into their workplaces, breaching contractual and privacy laws.

“All the while, employers say things like, ‘it’s your choice whether you get the vaccine or not, but you can’t come to work if you don’t.’ I would argue that is not a choice at all, but coercion with threat to economic demise,” she said.

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