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(LifeSiteNews) – A former Indianapolis curriculum coordinator and public school teacher says “grooming” is the “perfect word” to describe what happens in classrooms.

Tony Kinnett, previously put on leave and then fired for exposing critical race theory in schools, explained how “grooming” occurs in classrooms.

He said it can occur with both racial and sexual topics.

Grooming is “ideological manipulation” that includes “isolating children from their parents and replacing them with hyper-activist teachers and counselors,” Kinnett wrote on April 15 in an opinion piece for the Daily Caller.

He gave examples, including “collective shaming” and mandatory “counseling workshops” in which “students sit through lectures on the virtue of the latest progressive talking points.”

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Students are then “pressured to join ‘alliance’ groups to show they don’t share the same horrific views as their parents,” Kinnett wrote. “These alliance groups are built around the ‘protection’ of racial and sexual stereotypes — popularized as ‘identities.’ Students are encouraged to engage with their sexual desiresgender norms, and racial stereotypes to build what will be their core identity.”

He gave examples of how this has been going on since at least the 1980s. He warned that teachers will “act as gatekeepers” and “are encouraged to hide student concerns, medical issues and sexual activities from parents.” He gave the example of “changing closets” where gender-confused children cross-dress once they get to school.

Grooming may not be sexual or pedophillic in nature — and regardless of the connotation narrowed around the term through the rise of the internet in the early Aughts, the current progressive approach to ideological manipulation in children fits the operational and passive definitions,” Kinnett wrote.

“Regardless of what you choose to call it, the wedge being driven between students and their parents is insidious, and it should be called out whenever observed,” the former teacher wrote.