TORONTO, Mar 3 (LSN) – The Toronto Star reported today that the group “Justice For Children” is planning to challenge parents legal right to use spanking as a form of disciplining their children. A lawyer for the group,  Cheryl Milne, noted that court decisions are beginning to swing in favour of the criminalizing of spanking. Milne complained, “the charter says people are equal and have equal protection under the law, but Section 43 subjects children to physical assault—it justifies physical assault.” Milne failed to recognize that Canadian citizen’s at younger ages (in the first 9 months of life) are allowed to be tortured and killed at taxpayers expense.  Section 43 recognizes the authority of parents over their children, and their obligation to raise them responsibly. It respects the freedom of parents to discipline their children according to their own conscience as long as any use of “force” is “reasonable under the circumstances”.  Interestingly, In Sweden, where corporal punishment (spanking) was abolished in 1979, the total number of assaults on children increased from 127 to 583 between 1984 and 1994. The number of assaults by minors against other minors, aged seven to 14 increased 6 fold.