AUCKLAND, New Zealand ( – Just one week after the passage of gay ‘marriage’ legislation in New Zealand, it has been revealed that a group has been formed whose goal is to have group marriages recognised in law.

The group, which has a Facebook page entitled “Support legalised Polyamory in NZ”,  says “We are supporters of the legal recognition of Polyamorous marriage in NZ.  By ‘Polyamorous marriage’ we mean – responsible, adult, committed non-monogamy (Plural marriage of any gender) marriage or union.”

“We believe that ALL committed loving relationships between adults regardless of number should be respected and given legal acknowledgement” they go on to say.

The group was highlighted recently in the popular New Zealand news site Stuff.

Pro-family advocates have often argued that legalizaing gay ‘marriage’ will lead inevitably to the acceptance and recognition in law of polygamous, polyamorous and even incestuous relationships. Such arguments are often dismissed by gay activists. However, an incresingly visible movement has been forming to push for the legalization of polygamy.  

Acknowledging that “this will be a long term project” the New Zealand group believe that “legal multiple partner marriages/unions may one day be accepted.” 

For now the group remains small, with only 52 fans on their page. 

Meanwhile, traditional marriage advocates in the New Zealand community are taking stock of the new marriage laws, and making decisions as to how best to uphold the value of marriage between one man and one woman when the law recognises marriage as something else.