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June 19, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – A social conservative professor who was raised by his mom and her lesbian partner is warning Americans that the Equality Act is a trojan horse that will “nullify” pro-life laws passed in various states and contains language that could lead to the abolishment of all sex-segregated bathrooms.

Robert Oscar Lopez is a professor of Humanities at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He’s become most well-known for his article, published in 2012, on what it was like to be raised by homosexual parents. Most recently, Lopez spoke out against the Equality Act. 

In this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Lopez begins by sharing his experiences after he published his article speaking out about the dangers of growing up in a homosexual household. Using the best available research at the time, Lopez expanded on the high rates of suicide, sexual abuse, and dependence on government assistance in those who had been raised by a parent in a same-sex relationship. The response after it was first published was more respectful than anything. However, as it gained popularity, Lopez quickly had to switch to defense.

“The mean fringe just blanketed social media, and they drowned out everything else. They dug up as much information about me as they could. Then they quickly went after doxing my family members; trying to figure out who my friends and family were… They were vicious,” he said.

Van Maren used the second half of this episode to ask Lopez about his opinion on the Equality Act. For a while now, most Conservatives have taken a back seat on this issue, not wanting to be seen as a bigot or too old-fashioned. However, Lopez postulates that this act will essentially “nullify all of the anti-abortion laws because of the whole section in there on pregnancy.”

Lopez also said that, in addition, the act might move us toward abolishing all sex-segregation in bathrooms, based on the language in the Equality Act. 

When Van Maren asked Lopez about the chances of the Equality Act passing, he responded: “I think it’s high. I mean, people are saying there’s no way it’ll pass… I grew up with this gay underground. I know their tactics. They don’t give up. They want this thing passed.” He is hopeful that social conservatives will start to mobilize against the act. He believes that if conservatives come together, then the Equality Act can be stopped from going into law. 

Lopez encourages conservatives to get out and fight in the trenches. Keep blogging, keep tweeting, keep speaking up, keep standing for Truth. “If you’re in a church that is getting weird about these things, just go to another church. You know, leave that church. If you’re Catholic, go to another parish. Because you know, once they start compromising on the gay and trans stuff, then that’s going to be in Sunday school; that’s going to be in all of the Bible studies and Vacation Bible School stuff.” 

He ends the podcast on an uplifting note, by reminding listeners to “surround ourselves with people who are like-minded and we need to be strategic, and just very, very forward. Just go do something. Doing something is better than doing nothing.”

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