GUATEMALA CITY, November 1, 2001 ( – Two weeks ago, Guatemala’s first-ever population control law was signed into law by President Alfonso Portillo. The measure was fought vehemently by pro-life activists in the country and was condemned by the Catholic Church. The Social Development and Population Law, puts a “reproductive health” agenda directly into national policy which calls for encouraging contraceptives – including abortifacients, and mandates sex education in the nation’s schools.

Mercedes Wilson, the former official delegate of Guatemala to the United Nations, told LifeSite that she has been intensely involved in fighting the legislation, which she says is “a grave danger to children, youth and families.” The Archbishop of Guatemala City Rodolfo Quezada asked the President to veto the legislation before it was signed, and expressed concern that the law would be manipulated to promote abortion. Along with various physicians and lawyers, Wilson has formed a group called Parents in Defense of Families, in order to continue to combat the program.

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