TORONTO, Feb 24 (  Homosexual pedophile Robert McGuire of Scarborough pleaded guilty to sexual interference on three counts of fondling a child between 1992 and 1996. This started when the child was five years of age. The Toronto Sun reported that judge David Humphrey “gave McGuire an 18-month conditional sentence, placed him on three years probation and prohibited him from being around children under age 16 for the next 54 months.”

The victim’s mother was “devastated” that her child had to relive the horrors during testimony all to no avail. She noted that her child had attempted suicide and the family had suffered severely as a result of the abuse. “We have suffered through hell for seven years and he won’t spend a minute in jail,” wept the mother.

During a search of McGuires home, Toronto Police found home-made videos of naked boys under 10 years of age playing in McGuires home. Incredibly, Crown attorney Liesha Earle who worked out the sentencing deal with the defence lawyer said, “As unfortunate and tragic as this case is,  the sentence is within the range.”

The ruling comes on the heels of the recent BC court decision to strike down portions of the Criminal Code that criminalize possession of child pornography. Evidence is mounting quickly to vindicate pro-family groups for their long-time warning that the acceptance of homosexuality begins the slippery slope to acceptance of pedophilia. When people talk about not permitting the government to interfere in personal moral decisions as Alberta Premier Ralph Klein urged during his speech at the United Alternative conference, they may unwittingly be opening the door to the decriminalization of pedophilia. Those who hold political power need to exercise the responsibility that comes with their positions of influence.