Kathleen Gilbert


Gwyneth Paltrow: what’s wrong with second graders learning about homosexuality?

Kathleen Gilbert

June 13, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, a top gay rights proponent in Hollywood, is thrilled that her second-grade daughter is learning about homosexuality.

In her newsletter GOOP, the Iron Man actress says that when her daughter came home with news about a classmate’s lesbian parents, she was enthusiastic.

“When my daughter came home from school one day saying that a classmate had two mommies, my response was, ‘Two mommies? How lucky is she?!’” she wrote.

Paltrow went on to question how Arkansas school board member Clint McCance, who apologized for publishing a death-wish against homosexuals on Facebook, could base his objection to the homosexual lifestyle on the teachings of the Bible.

“This concept, while foreign to me, is interesting, as it used to justify so much judgement and separation in our society,” wrote Paltrow. “What does it actually say in the bible that will cause some people to be upset by my line of thinking?”

The post was followed by the opinions of several religious voices favorable to homosexuality, including an Episcopal priest and priestess and a Kabbalah practitioner, who dismissed the Bible’s prohibitions as anachronistic or inconsistent with other teachings.

One dissenting opinion, by Anglican clergyman John Stott, outlined the prohibitions against homosexuality in the Old and New Testaments and explained, “The negative prohibitions of homosexual practices in Scripture make sense only in the light of its positive teaching in Genesis 1 and 2 about human sexuality and heterosexual marriage.”

While Paltrow once explained her daughter Apple’s unusual name as a “Biblical” choice, she has rejected any ties to the Judaeo-Christian religious tradition. “I don’t believe in religion. I believe in spirituality. Religion is the cause of all the problems in the world,” she told MSN’s Woman’s Day in March 2010.

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