Halifax Homosexual Activists Produce “License” Logo for Upcoming “Pride Week”

Promoters of homosexuality in Nova Scotia have been encountering resistance recently to their agenda
Fri Mar 28, 2008 - 12:15 pm EST

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, March 28, 2008 ( - The official logo for this year’s public display of homosexuality in Halifax is designed to resemble a Nova Scotia automobile license plate. It includes a small rainbow flag in the top left corner and "Canada’s Ocean Gayground" under the vanity plate number 20 YRS PRD 08, with the words License to Celebrate prominently printed below, according to the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

  The phrase "Canada’s Ocean Gayground" openly mocks the provinces official motto of "Canada’s Ocean Playground."

  The word "license" in this case plays upon the double entendre, the other meaning of this word, which is defined by the Oxford dictionary as "freedom to behave as one wishes, especially in a way that results in excessive or unacceptable behaviour; a reason or excuse to do something wrong or excessive."

  The word licentious is derived from this meaning and is defined by the Oxford dictionary as "promiscuous and unprincipled in sexual matters."

  Planners of the homosexual event, said the Chronicle Herald report, are considering using the new logo on billboard advertisements, as promotional images on Halifax Metro Transit buses, and the logo might also be printed on stickers or other display items.

  Promoters of homosexuality in Nova Scotia have been encountering resistance recently to their agenda from several municipalities which have refused to allow displays of the homosexual rainbow flag on public buildings and flagpoles.

  In the summer of 2007, the Truro town council was approached by local homosexual activists to fly the rainbow flag at Town Hall. The mayor, citing religious beliefs, and backed six votes to one by the council, refused. Later Truro town council enacted a policy of not flying any flags except those of the town, province, nation and First Nations.

  In February of this year, Pictou County followed Truro’s example and changed its official policy to fly only official government flags.

  The city of Antigonish and St. Francis Xavier University have also refused to allow the homosexual flag to be flown from their buildings.

  In 1998, Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside refused to proclaim "Pride Week" until forced to do so by the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission.

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