Thaddeus Baklinski


Halifax residents confronted with beautiful pro-life billboard

Thaddeus Baklinski

HALIFAX, October 10, 2013 ( – For the next month, thousands of motorists traveling on the Bedford Highway will gaze at an unborn child as they ponder the message, "Abortion: aren't we forgetting someone?"

The huge new pro-life billboard went up yesterday beside Halifax's busiest highway as part of a new campaign that will show motorists the beauty of pre-born human life.

The billboard provides a website address with more information.

The campaign by Signs for Life was inspired by a chance remark from a pro-life leader in Halifax.

"The pro-life leader said, 'We should blanket the Bedford Highway with pro-life billboards,'" Julie Culshaw, one of the Signs for Life team, told

The group, all participants in the 40 Days for Life vigil, was able to find two outdoor sign companies willing to produce the billboards.

"Their only stipulation was that we could not use graphic images," Culshaw said.

"We believe that graphic images have their place in the pro-life debate," she added, "but that work is being done by a group that handles it very well. Our vision was to reach the average person on the street and we thought that positive images with a thought-provoking message was the way to go."

After Pattison Outdoor had designed the billboard for Signs for Life the group set about fundraising.

"An initial letter was mailed to 50 people whom we knew would want to support this, and we raised $5,000 in just one month," Culshaw said. "With that money, we paid for the billboard that went up on October 9."

The billboard is on the Bedford Highway, near Mount St. Vincent University, and will remain up for 28 days.

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The Bedford Highway has an average daily traffic volume of about 34,000 motorists, according to the Nova Scotia Department of Transport.

"The mandate of this group is to use public signs to promote respect for prenatal life and to protect the most vulnerable members of our society," Culshaw explained.

"Each sign directs viewers to the website that is a source for information and resources for crisis pregnancy, for adoption and for post-abortion as well,” she added. “We believe that good and accurate information is crucial to making a good decision in such a serious matter."

Signs for Life has also contracted with CBS Outdoor for two bus shelter ads that will go up on October 21 in downtown Halifax. One bus shelter ad will be around the corner from the 40 Days vigil and the other at one corner of St. Mary’s University campus.

"Our next objective is to put pro-life signs into the entire bus fleet of Halifax/Dartmouth, a total of 255 buses," Culshaw said. “This will cost $5,000, and we are hosting a dessert reception/fundraiser on November 13 to achieve this goal."

Both signs will feature a photo of a new-born taken very shortly after birth, and has the caption: "Luc was born today but his life began nine months ago."

"Reaction to this photo has been so positive, especially from women," Culshaw told "They immediately warm to the beautiful photo.”

“We are hoping that the young woman who sees this image on the bus, and who has just found out she is pregnant, will reconsider her 'choice' and make one that she can live with," she said.

"Simply put, we hope to change hearts and minds one sign at a time," Culshaw concluded.

For more information visit the Signs for Life website

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