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A special Mother's Day tribute to the great sacrifices mothers make thousands of times every day. It is truly the little things that matter most, let us not forget that this Mother's Day.

The Little Things Poem by Kathie Borys

The work undone, the beds unmade
The floor unswept, the meal delayed
My cup of coffee growing cold
The laundry I have yet to fold
“I’m hungry Mom,” the children say
A thousand and one times a day
And, “Mommy, will you read to me?”
And “Mom, why can’t I watch T.V.?”
And “Mom, please hold me on your knee.”
And “Quickly, Mom, I have to pee!”
Then finally everything is set.
The children’s needs have all been met.
And I can really sink my teeth
Into my work with great relief.
Another sound. “Oh dear,” I sigh.
My newborn daughter’s plaintive cry.
Now I must sit amidst debris
And nurse this infant quietly
And dream of who I’d rather be
Distaining mediocrity.
But as this angel snuggles in
And I caress her silken skin
And meditate on beauty here
This tiny hand, this perfect ear
This life, this love, this holiness,
I can forget about the mess
And know with utter clarity
My life is rich as rich can be.
I wonder, when I’m old and gray,
Will I look back upon today
And wish I’d been a better mom
By getting all the housework done?
I’d much prefer a memory
Of children smiling up at me
Of walks and hugs and moments shared
Of taking time to show I cared.