By Meg Jalsevac

  TORONTO, October 25, 2007 ( – In an interview with media in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday, Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling said that she has been surprised by the scope of reactions that have surfaced from her announcement that one of her lead characters is gay.  “It has certainly never been news to me that a brave and brilliant man could love other men.”

  As previously reported by, Rowling surprised a large audience at a recent book reading in Carnegie Hall by announcing the ‘good’ wizard of her storyline was gay.  Reaction to the announcement has been mixed with even some Potter fans accusing the author of using the politically correct declaration for publicity.

  Rowling said that she had known for a long time that Dumbledore was gay but had not revealed the fact in order to be able to focus her attention on the plot line and character development.  Rowling said that she shared the information about Dumbledore only after being directly asked by a young audience member if Dumbledore ever found true love.

  Rowling told the Toronto media that the revelation was very “freeing” for her and that only certain people will view Dumbledore differently in light of the new detail about his character.  Referring to Dumbledore’s boyhood friendship with the evil Grindelwald, Rowling said, “I think a child will see a friendship and I think a sensitive adult may well understand that it was an infatuation.”

  The author lauded her own admission saying, “I know that it was a positive thing that I said it, for at least one person, because one man ‘came out’ at Carnegie Hall.”

  Rowling refused to answer when asked if she was concerned that the ‘revelation’ might solidify critics in their dislike of the internationally popular children’s book series.  “[Dumbledore] is my character. He is what he is and I have the right to say what I say about him.” 

  In the past, Rowling has been known to disparage critics of her books referring to them as “lunatic fringes” of Christianity. 

  According to an article on WorldNetDaily, Linda Harvey, the president of Mission America, has been a long time critic of Rowling’s works and asserts that this latest ‘revelation’, in itself, reveals Rowling’s ability as a “master manipulator.”  Mission America is an organization that combats the forces of the homosexual and pagan agendas particularly when these forces are directed at children.

  Harvey says, “The affiliations have taken hold. No matter how you try to shield kids, they are sure to learn online or at school or somewhere that the admired headmaster of the Hogwart’s school, professor Dumbledore, has been pronounced “gay” after the series is complete.”

  Harvey cautions that Rowling’s decision will now force all parents to address the issue of homosexuality with their young children.  “Will we allow our kids to believe it would be perfectly appropriate for the headmaster of any school to be homosexual?” 

  Harvey warns that if parents do not react to Harry Potter now the consequences will be dire. “If only [parents] could see down the road to the compromise of morality this will produce as their children grow, not to mention the detour directly away from authentic Christian faith, they might think differently.”

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