CAMBRIDGE, Mar 14, 2001 ( – Matt Evans, a third-year student at Harvard Law School, has been confronted by university administration for posting small signs on student bulletin boards reading, “Smile! Your mother chose life.” Don Feder writing for WorldNetDaily today reports that the signs were torn down frequently and after two weeks Evans was confronted by a member of the staff who sweetly inquired, “Are you the one putting up this sh—?” Evans says the lady “denounced my message as one of hate, accused me of meddling in women’s issues and called me a coward because I had not put my name on the signs.”

A few days later, relates Feder, Evans was called into the office of the dean of students and told that, he must confine the message to boards used for items for sale and the like and must include contact information on the signs. However, when counter signs reading “Smile! You’re a simpleton” appeared the administration did not require similar procedures.

Feder points out that intolerance for pro-lifers at Harvard is long-standing. In 1992 Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon wrote a letter on Harvard stationary to some Catholic priests explaining the debate over the pending federal Freedom of Choice Act. When this got back to the university, she received an official reprimand from Margaret H. Marshall, then chief counsel of Harvard University, now chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

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