OTTAWA, June 4, 2003 ( – A report published by the Canadian Government’s Status of Women Canada has called for government monitoring of groups opposed to gender feminism and for investigations seeking to press charges of hate crime on such groups.  The $75,000 (tax-payer paid) report, “School Success by Gender: A Catalyst for the Masculinist Discourse” was published on the Status of Women website May 15.  Beyond listing men’s groups such as Promise Keepers, the report names names of newspaper columnists and websites which it believes are promoters of ‘masculinist discourse’, which the report suggests incites hatred towards women.  One of the people named in the report is Neil Seeman, a lawyer who directs the Canadian Statistical Assessment Service at the Fraser Institute in Toronto.  In a column in today’s National Post, Seeman writes, “As far as I can tell, the only reason I’m on the list is because I’ve written a couple of articles about discrimination toward men, and toward male academics in particular.”  Even in the report’s own wording the “masculinist discourse”, which it suggests requires government monitoring and perhaps even criminal investigation, is nothing more than pro-family sentiment. The report says, “The right-wing ideology championed in the masculinist discourse calls for a return to traditional values and the nuclear family (directly related mother-father-children). It develops in a context where minorities are gaining more and more access to democracy. The goals of the masculinist discourse are to regain lost privileges and to stop the women’s emancipation movement. ..  Masculinists are calling for biological mothers to go back to their children. Their goal is to reinstate the old-fashioned patriarchal family, and thus to completely close the door on new forms of families and new parental roles.”  Nevertheless, the report says: “We also recommend that consideration be given to whether legal action can be taken under section 319 of the Criminal Code” (section deals with hate crimes).  Regarding monitoring the report says: “we suggest that a monitoring organization be established, similar to Hate Watch, but focussed solely on gender social relations. It would also be useful to maintain, publish, disseminate and update a list of misogynist groups.”  See the full report online:   National Post coverage:   Fox News column on the subject by Wendy McIroy:,2933,88400,00.html