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(LifeSiteNews) — If you use certain email providers, some of your emails, including LifeSiteNews emails, may not be reaching your inbox.  

You’ve likely seen emails end up in your spam or promotional box, but many people don’t realize email providers can completely block emails from your inbox.  

LifeSiteNews faces significant content censorship from Hotmail and Outlook (Microsoft), iCloud (Apple), and Gmail (Google). 

Many of our users report not receiving our emails, yet we see that we are sending them emails or their emails have bounced or blocked us.  

Although there are some steps that can be taken to indicate to your email provider that you want to receive our news, these steps don’t always solve delivery issues.

Best practices for receiving LifeSiteNews emails 

Users of all email services can add [email protected] to their contacts. If possible, make it a favorite or trusted contact. 

Whitelisting LifeSiteNews emails depends on the service provider you use. To help readers receive LifeSite emails, we are providing a list of simple steps, courtesy of How To Whitelist, for users of Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook to add us to their “trusted sender” list and never miss another communication.

Apple Mail

  1. On your email account, with an email from LifeSiteNews open, select the “From” or “Reply” button
  2. Add this sender to “Contacts” or to “VIPs”
    • (Add to VIPs means that future emails will appear in a VIP exclusive iOS mail folder)


  1. Open a LifeSiteNews email and find the alert “Parts of this message have been blocked for your safety.”
  2. Click the link below the alert that reads “I trust [email protected]. Always show content.”

Yahoo! Mail

  1. Open a LifeSiteNews email and select the “+” next to “From: LifeSiteNews”
  2. Select “Add to contacts” and “Save”


  1. On the main page of your Gmail account, click the filter button (circled in black below):
Credit: LifeSiteNews

2. It will bring up a filter box below it. Enter the LifeSiteNews domain ( to whitelist in the “From” field:


3. Click “Create filter with this search” on the bottom of the box below.

4. Check the box on the following page listed – “Never send it to Spam”

5. Click “Create filter”

Alternatively, to make sure you are always up to date with LifeSiteNews coverage, simply go directly to our website,, where you can be sure information will not be censored or blocked.

We would recommend signing up for a privacy-centric email account. There are many to choose from, but one of the most popular free options is ProtonMail. You can click here to follow the steps to setup your own ProtonMail account.  

When you move to a more privacy-centric email provider, you are not only ensuring you are receiving the content you care about, you are also protecting yourself from the eyes of Big Tech. 

Almost all mainstream email providers read your emails to learn more about you to sell to advertisers. If you have ever noticed your ads matching up with something you were emailing your mom or friend about, this is because the advertisers are reading your emails.  

This is done through a simple scan for keywords. A human being isn’t sitting around reading about your last family reunion, but they are still selling your personal and private data.  

LifeSiteNews currently has plans to launch its own email provider to continue our commitment to freedom and to help ensure our readers are getting the truth that the mainstream doesn’t want them to hear. The timeline has not yet been announced, so stay tuned for more details.