He ‘finished the last lap of the race’: Teen whose Make-a-Wish was to end abortion has died

Jeremiah Thomas 'lived well for His Lord and died even better for Him.'
Wed Aug 29, 2018 - 2:58 pm EST
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Jeremiah Thomas smiles upon hearing Gov. Abbott say that he is working to outlaw abortion. Facebook / screen grab

WACO, Texas, August 28, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The terminally ill teenager who asked the Governor of Texas to work to end abortion has died.

Jeremiah Thomas, son of Rusty Thomas, the director of Operation Save America, was diagnosed with bone cancer in March of this year. Jeremiah spent the rest of his life advocating for the unborn from his hospital bed or preaching the Gospel from his wheelchair. He died on Sunday evening.

Posting on Facebook, his father Rusty wrote, “Warrior Down! Jeremiah has finished the last lap of the race of faith. He crossed the finish line at 7:20 PM. The battle is over and Christ has won. He lived well for His Lord and died even better for Him.”

Jeremiah dreamed of becoming a Christian preacher like his father, and would not allow cancer to intervene. He caught the attention of a worldwide mission field when he met Governor Abbott of Texas through the Make-A-Wish foundation. Uninterested in meeting a worldly idol or going on a fun trip, Jeremiah asked the Governor to pass a bill outlawing abortion in Texas.

Abbott’s reply, which was recorded and subsequently posted on Facebook, made the boy’s face light up.


“Your wish is on the Republican party platform position,” Governor Abbott said, “and we’re going to be pursuing this…And that is to outlaw abortion altogether in the state of Texas.”

The story rippled throughout the world, causing waves of sympathy and also, unfortunately, scorn for the terminally ill lad. Online bullies criticized him for wanting “to control women’s bodies” and sniggered that cancer was giving his mother Karen “a late-term abortion.” Jeremiah’s response was to forgive, telling his mother that he pitied his critics.

“To have that much darkness in your heart that you’d want a kid with cancer to die,” he said. “Makes me wonder what happened to them in their life. It’s a scary place to be – mentally and spiritually. I pray God would have mercy on them.”

In an online obituary, Rusty Thomas celebrated the impact his son has had on the world.

“Jeremiah’s life, message, and testimony has reached into the church world, the sports world, the political world, and even Hollywood,” he wrote. “His story has been picked up by national and international and news agencies, including Fox News…”  

“The Daily Mail, the second largest newspaper in London, also ran his story,” Rusty continued. “Italy picked it up and the largest pro-life student group contacted him to discuss how to abolish abortion in their country.”

“Recent gubernatorial candidate for Governor from Oklahoma, Dan Fisher, did a special interview with Jeremiah since he ran on the platform of abolishing abortion in his state. State Representative Tony Tinderholt who has and will introduce another bill of abolition in Texas honored Jeremiah with a Texas State Resolution.”

The Resolution praised Jeremiah, “an exceptional young man” for confronting adversity with “a spirit of selfless courage,” inspiring everyone around him with his strength of character.  

Rusty said that his son’s short life had brought glory to God, and reminded readers that “To live is Christ and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21).

Memorial services will be held in Waco, Texas on Thursday, August 30 at Lakeshore Funeral Home (6 PM), and on Friday, August 31 at the Church of the Open Door (10 AM). A graveside service will be held on Friday at Oakwood Cemetery at 2 PM.  There will also be a football game in Jeremiah’s honor. Before his illness, Jeremiah was a star athlete who aimed at a college football scholarship.

“Good night for now, precious son,” Rusty signed off. “We will see you in the morning.”

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