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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Officials from Health Canada have admitted that there is “residual plasmid DNA” in the COVID shots after a Conservative MP asked the agency through an official information request if the DNA fragments were in the shots.

As per a recent Epoch Times report, a December 17 Inquiry of Ministry response from Health Canada to Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP Colin Carrie, who wanted to know more about what was in the shots, says that the agency claims the shots are safe despite the presence of plasmid DNA fragments.

Health Canada claims that the amounts are within the limits set by the World Health Organization after Carrie had asked about the “amount of acceptable residual DNA per vaccine dose and the method used to measure it.”

Health Canada responded to Carrie’s question by admitting that it is aware of the presence of “residual plasmid DNA” in the COVID shots but claimed this number is below a limit of 10 nanograms per human dose.

Kevin McKernan, a microbiologist and former researcher and team leader for the MIT Human Genome project, and Dr. Phillip J. Buckhaults, a professor of cancer genomics and director of the Cancer Genetics Lab at the University of South Carolina, earlier revealed that there is plasmid DNA in the COVID shots. Plasmid DNA is used in the manufacturing of mRNA jabs.

McKernan and Buckhaults had also raised in a public manner how cancer-linked Polyomavirus Simian Virus 40 (SV40) DNA was found in the Pfizer COVID shot.

According to McKernan, the amount of DNA in the COVID shots was as much as 18 to 70 times higher than the limits that were set by some regulatory agencies.

Carrie also asked Health Canada to let Canadians know about the “adulteration of these products” through the presence of the SV40 DNA to make sure there was “fully informed consent” before taking the jab.

The agency responded by claiming that “In the manufacture of any vaccine, it is expected that there may be variabilities or residual elements that are part of the standard manufacturing process.”

Regarding the presence of SV40 in the Pfizer COVID shot, LifeSiteNews recently reported how the agency admitted it was present but claimed the DNA in the shot is “inactive” with “no functional role” and that the jabs are not a form of gene therapy.

However, a study published in December by the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences found while looking at the genomes in the blood cells of humans injected with the mRNA COVID jab that DNA had been altered with the genetic code of the shots.

SV40 in vaccines has been linked to the spread of turbo cancers in those who have been exposed to the virus via contaminated injections. According to a 2002 study published in the Lancet, there is evidence that links the older polio vaccines, which were filed with SV40 contaminants, to certain forms of cancer.

Polio vaccines from the late 1950s to the early 1960s were contaminated with SV40 after it was discovered that the virus was present in the monkey kidney cells, which vaccine makers used to grow the shots.

The authors of the 2002 study claim that the SV40-contaminated polio vaccine may have caused up to half of the 55,000 cases of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosed each year.

SV40, or the simian (monkey) virus as it is known, according to Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who is a late vaccine developer, was put in the polio vaccine and then into wide circulation by Merck inadvertently.

It has never been clear, Mercola noted, whether SV40 has been completely removed from polio vaccines since, however, it is known that contaminated jabs were in circulation in Italy as late as 1999.

Despite the health risks associated with the COVID shots, governments across Canada all enacted strict rules, including workplace jab mandates.

As a result, many Canadians who chose not to get the shots lost their job. However, many of them are fighting back.

Late last year, LifeSiteNews reported that over 700 vaccine-free Canadians negatively affected by federal COVID jab dictates have banded together to file a multimillion-dollar class-action lawsuit against the federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.