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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Canada has approved a “modified” Moderna mRNA COVID shot despite research showing that 1 in 35 recipients of the booster have myocardial damage.

On September 12, Health Canada approved Moderna’s updated COVID-19 vaccine for all Canadians who are six months of age and older after just over two months of research on the new formula.

“I know we all wish COVID-19 no longer existed, but people are still getting infected, and vaccination continues to be one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves against serious outcomes,” said Dr. Supriya Sharma, chief medical adviser at Health Canada, during a technical briefing.

Sharma encouraged Canadians not to view the vaccine as a booster but as an updated vaccine similar to an annual shot.

“The idea is we’ll get to a place where it will be much more like the flu vaccines where people may be on a regular schedule, getting an updated vaccine,” she said.

Health Canada claims the vaccines are “proven safe, effective and of high quality.” The website admits that “rare” side effects include myocarditis, pericarditis, and Bell’s palsy.

However, this claim seems unfounded considering a March 2023 peer-reviewed study by the European Society of Cardiology revealing that 1 in 35 recipients of Moderna’s COVID vaccine suffer from myocardial damage.

“We hypothesized that COVID-19 mRNA-vaccine-associated myocardial injury following booster vaccination may be much more common, as symptoms may be unspecific, mild or even absent, escaping passive surveillance,” the research stated.

The approval also comes despite the fact that a growing number of Canadians have formally filed for financial compensation due to what they allege are adverse effects after vaccination.

Canada’s Vaccine Injury Program (VISP) has already paid out over $6 million to those injured by COVID injections, with some 2,000 claims remaining to be settled.

Recently, 41-year-old Ross Wightman of British Columbia launched a lawsuit against AstraZeneca, the federal government of Canada, the provincial government of his province, and the pharmacy at which he was injected after receiving what he considers inadequate compensation from VISP.

Wightman received the AstraZeneca shot in April 2021 and shortly after became totally paralyzed. He was subsequently diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

Health Canada claims the revised COVID shots are going through an “independent process” that it says is “based on scientific rigor and medical evidence.” Many Canadians, however, remain skeptical of health authorities, especially after recent evidence came to light suggesting that the Canadian federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knew COVID shots could cause serious injuries and instead of warning Canadians, opted to formulate “winning communication strategies” to convince the public to take the jabs.

COVID vaccine mandates split Canadian society. The mRNA shots themselves, approved for use in Canada, have been linked to a multitude of negative and often severe side effects in children.