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OTTAWA, June 27, 2003 ( – LifeSite has learned that Health Canada has given initial approval to over-the-counter availability of the abortifacient morning after pill.  Health Canada spokesman Ryan Baker told LifeSite today that the Health Ministry has approved the manufacturer’s application to have the status of Plan-B switched to over-the-counter availability from prescription-only.  Prior to final approval, Health Canada will solicit comment from the public on the regulatory amendment.  Baker told LifeSite that while the initial approval has not yet been made public, the public comment period will likely last longer than a month after which the decision will be finalized.

British Columbia and Quebec already permit the abortifacient morning after pill to be dispensed by pharmacists without a doctors prescription. Similar government manoevers in Australia earlier this week caused the Australian Medical Association to fight the decision due to the dangers of distributing the powerful drugs without a medical examination.  See related LifeSite coverage:  Australia Gives Initial Approval to Over-the-Counter Abortifacient Morning-After Pill