By James Tillman

November 6, 2009 ( – According to House Republican Leader John Boehner, the government-run health care bill being considered in Congress would include “a monthly abortion premium … [to] be charged of all enrollees in the government-run plan.”

On his blog Boehner states that this premium “will be paid into a U.S. Treasury account – and these federal funds will be used to pay for the abortion services.”

He continues: “Section 213 [of the bill] describes the process in which the Health Benefits Commissioner is to assess the monthly premiums that will be used to pay for elective abortions under the government-run plan.  The Commissioner must charge at a minimum 1$ per enrollee per month.”

His statement immediately gathered attention among those favoring the health care bill, who denied that Boehner's post accurately portrayed the situation.

According to Douglas Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee, however, “Boehner's post is perfectly accurate.”

Johnson told David Brody of CBN News that “we call it the 'abortion surcharge.'  It is just one more thing illustrating what we've been saying: The bill explicitly authorizes the big new federal government health insurance plan, the public option, to pay for all elective abortions.”

Nevertheless, Johnson continued by saying that “even if the Democratic leadership struck out the 'abortion surcharge,' the same fundamental problem would remain:  The 'public option' is a federal agency program, and when it pays for elective abortions, that is federal funding of abortion on demand—no matter what convoluted cloaking devices the pro-abortion politicians invent to try to conceal what they are doing.”

According to Boehner, such funding of abortion makes “Speaker Pelosi's 2,032-page health care monstrosity” an affront “to the American people.”

In addition to speaking about the abortion premium, Boehner also states that the Health and Human Services Secretary “is given the authority to determine when abortion is allowed under the government-run plan.”

The current Health and Human Services Secretary is Kathleen Sebelius, a pro-abortion “Catholic” who vetoed several pro-life bills during her time as Governor of Kansas.  She is infamous for having invited the recently murdered late-term abortionist George Tiller and his staff to a party at the governor's mansion in 2007.  Tiller had given significant quantities of money to Sebelius' campaign.

Boehner continues to write that, additionally, the “Speaker's plan also requires that at least one insurance plan offered in the Exchange covers abortions.”

Boehner has previously made no secret of his opposition to the abortion-funding Democratic health-care bill.  As he wrote on National Review Online in July, “If a health-care bill doesn't lower costs for middle-class families, but does require them to subsidize abortion-on-demand with their hard-earned tax dollars, one has to ask a fundamental question: For whom was this bill actually written?”

He continued: “Was it written for the millions of Americans who were promised a health-care bill that lowers costs? Or is it really for the radical special-interest and lobbying groups that invested millions to elect a cooperative president and Congress?”