Healthy baby aborted after erroneous reports of birth defects in Vietnam

The seven-month-old baby survived for hours after the abortion.
Wed May 16, 2012 - 6:30 pm EST

GIA LAI PROVINCE, VIETNAM, May 16, 2012, ( – A family is in grief after aborting a child erroneously reported to have congenital defects.

The mother, Nguyen Thi Thu T., had undergone two ultrasounds that falsely reported birth defects – one in her native Chu Se District and another in Ho Chi Minh City.


She chose to abort the baby in the seventh month of her pregnancy. However, as the family gathered to bury the child, they found the baby was still alive and had no such defects.

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Although they rushed the child to Gia Lai Province General Hospital at 9:30 Sunday morning, it was too late.

The hospital lacked the appropriate facilities to care for the premature child. Rather than place the infant in an incubator, hospital personnel covered the infant with blankets in a bed.

The child died of umbilical bleeding around 4 p.m., according to hospital director Dr. Pham Ba My.

Dr. My confirmed the baby weighed weighed 4.8 pounds and had a normal body for that stage of development.

The nation’s ministry of health is now considering limiting abortion to the first seven weeks of pregnancy.


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