Help save a Polish man from forced starvation by an English hospital

LifeSiteNews has been supporting the Polish Catholic through our reporting and now is continuing the battle through LifeFunder.
Wed Jan 20, 2021 - 2:40 pm EST
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January 20, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — A pro-life family man is lying in a British hospital, slowly dying of starvation and dehydration. Since December 2020, the Christian Legal Centre has been fighting to save the Polish Catholic’s life, spending thousands of pounds sterling on a battle they refuse to lose.

LifeSiteNews has been supporting this fight through our reportage and now is continuing the battle through LifeFunder.

Thanks to a so-called “transparency order,” we can’t tell you the patient’s name. But we can tell you that he’s a middle-aged husband and father, the sole breadwinner in his family, a devout church-goer who objected to the court-ordered withdrawal of life-support from a disabled English infant.

We can also tell you that RS suffered a heart attack in early November and fell into a coma. Doctors disagree over whether he has now moved into a merely vegetative or a minimally conscious state.

Shockingly, the British courts wouldn’t permit two specialists consulted by RS’s family to find out for sure. Even more shockingly, the British courts rejected undisputed testimony that RS opposes euthanasia as evidence that he would want to live. The courts want RS dead — and even worse, so does RS’s wife.

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Fortunately for RS, she is not the only woman in his life. Supported by the Christian Legal Centre, his mother and sister in Poland and his sister and niece in England have been fighting for his life. As the news of their battle has spread across Polish media, Poland’s religious, cultural and political leaders have been begging British leaders to allow the Polish government to take RS home to Poland where he will have specialized care.

A center that specializes in treating disorders of consciousness is ready to receive him. Polish doctors firmly believe that one day RS may be able to communicate with his loved ones again.

But he may never have that chance. Time is running out on a man who has been in hospital for less than three months.

If this reminds you of the Alfie Evans case, it should. Then as now, it was the Christian Legal Centre that led the fight for life. And now they need your help to cover the heavy costs of the fight for a pro-life man against a medical-legal culture that says that death by starvation and hydration is in a patient’s “best interests.”

Please help LifeSiteNews and the Christian Legal Centre win this battle against the culture of death.

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