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Help us continue shining a light on stories like Alfie Evans’

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Let’s face it: the mainstream media is a tidal wave of liberal ideologies that either takes the majority along with it, or leaves many in its wake. With these continuous attacks on life, family, and faith, it often seems impossible to swim upstream.

But swimming upstream is exactly what’s needed. Today, your support allows pro-life and pro-family news coverage to be shared with the world - an absolutely essential requirement if we are going to affirm the traditional family and life-affirming values we stand for!

This summer, to continue our mission we must raise a minimum of $225,000 by July 1st to keep our pro-life and pro-family news-reporting running at its current high levels in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.

Your gift of as little as $35.00, or a recurring donation of $10/month, helps us reach thousands with pro-life and pro-family news reporting.


The truth is, your support of our mission turns the tide and helps change the narrative on life and family issues so that the world may experience this Truth - and this is why LifeSite exists!

Your support is needed to spread the truth across the world, at a time when it is most desperately needed.

Let me give you a concrete example: 

Despite the growing tidal wave of biased anti-life news, most recently our staff swam upstream in order to report on Alfie Evans. That beautiful young child in the UK was forced to fight for his life because the Liverpool hospital decided he was no longer worthy of being offered basic palliative care or any alternative diagnoses or care at other hospitals. 

In other words - his undiagnosed brain condition was deemed to make him unworthy to have a chance at life!!!

Your support allowed Alfie and his parents, and many others undergoing similar deadly discrimination, to have a voice through on-the-ground reporting from a news source operating from a Christian worldview. 

Because of our lead reporting on this crucial story, other news outlets later followed our lead. International awareness of the frightening medical and judicial tyranny in Britain exploded.

Sadly, the hospital removed ventilation, despite his parents’ desperate pleas and the pleas of prominent leaders and thousands upon thousands of the public. And yet, Alfie continued to live for days.

While sad stories like Alfie’s make us want to throw our hands up and walk away - we must continue to fight! 

Your support today ensures stories like Alfie’s are heard – and that LifeSite, not the extremely biased, untrustworthy mainstream media, is the leading news source on stories like his! 

Will you continue to give a voice to the voiceless and help us turn the tide? Alfie’s and his parents’ pleas for help were ignored by the mainstream media. LifeSite’s coverage helped turn the spotlight on their situation.

We have become aware that there are many more stories like Alfie’s around the world. Many find themselves feeling totally helpless, vulnerable, alone and not knowing where to turn to against seemingly impossible odds and a culture that does not respect life, marriage, family, faith and freedom.

Your gift is a concrete way to ensure that millions receive the news and information they need to swim against the tide of a growing culture of death that also seems determined to destroy the natural family, the source and nurturer of new life.

I hope you will prayerfully consider the crisis of our culture and how you can personally play a part in countering its effects. 

Your support for our Summer campaign means that we can continue to be the trusted pro-life and pro-family media voice in North America and around the world.

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