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ENGLAND (LifeSiteNews) – The parents of twin daughters, one of whom faced a difficult prenatal diagnosis, are celebrating as their kids near their first birthday.

“A mum who turned down a termination of her unborn twin daughter to give her a ‘chance to fight’ is celebrating her remarkable recovery,” Derbyshire Live reported. “Marie Stockdale was left frantic with worry after being told one of her babies had a rare brain condition and an abnormality with her oesophagus.”

The publication reported:

After receiving the news of one of the twins’ condition, they chose to turn down the abortion and, when the twins were born in May 2022, Ava underwent emergency surgery to correct her oesophagus.

Ava and sister Mila are now eight-and-a-half months old. Despite a tumultuous first few weeks, feeding through a tube and continued hospital treatment every two months, Ava has come on leaps and bounds.

Texas Right to Life recently highlighted this story amidst ongoing debates about pro-life laws and the viability and value of babies who may have difficult medical needs.

“Although Ava still uses a feeding tube, her mother said she is improving daily. Doctors are monitoring her brain condition, but so far, it seems to be mild,” the group commented on its website. “Ava went through a lot in the first few weeks of her life, but to see her now, getting stronger each day, is wonderful.”

“Every life is beautiful and should be cherished and protected, regardless of any potential challenges that may arise. Join us in praying that Ava’s health continues to improve!” Texas Right to Life wrote.

“In England, abortion is legal for any reason up to 24 weeks. However, there is a broad exception in the law that allows abortions up to birth if the unborn baby has health problems,” the group noted. “This provision has shocked and horrified many parents, who have been offered third-trimester abortions for children with Down syndrome and even conditions as minor as a cleft lip. This provision is deadly and devalues the lives of children with disabilities.”


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