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Today, LifesiteNews is launching our Fall campaign, with a goal of $200,000. This goal is the absolute minimum necessary to cover the ongoing costs of running this international pro-life and pro-family news agency for the next quarter.

Truly, our fall fundraising campaign couldn’t come at a more critical time in the history of LifeSite.

Among other major developments, yesterday morning, the Center for Medical Progress released the 10th undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood. The video includes shocking proof that the abortion giant, at the highest levels, is engaging in the blatantly illegal practice of harvesting aborted baby body parts – and then selling them for profit!

But, as usual, the mainstream media has almost completely ignored the disturbing evidence!

As the very popular blogger Matt Walsh, in a very hard-hitting article on The Blaze, wrote, “Unless you regularly read pro-life news sources (and you should, especially LifeSiteNews, which is one of the best websites on the entire internet), you probably won’t see much reporting on the subject.”

Indeed, we at LifeSiteNews have been working overtime to do everything in our power to reach millions of people with the truth about Planned Parenthood’s gruesome and illegal practices.

…. And it’s working!

However, we urgently need your help to continue the furious pace of reporting needed to expose Planned Parenthood! LifeSite is reader-supported news agency: we depend almost entirely for our funding on everyday readers like yourself.

So, please help us reach our Fall campaign goal, and make the most generous donation you can today!

With over 15 full-time professional journalists and editors, numerous other freelance writers and journalists, a huge social media presence of over 600,000 Facebook fans, LifeSite is uniquely positioned to reach huge numbers of people with the truth that the mainstream media refuses to give them.

In the past 30 days alone, over 3 million unique visitors have come to LifeSite, viewing over 5.4 million pages. And many of these have come to read our exclusive coverage of the Planned Parenthood scandal – including over half a million people who came just to read just one story highlighting the testimony of a former abortion worker who described how a baby was born alive before its brains were harvested.

Her testimony was horrifying, but it had to be told…for the sake of that poor unborn baby, and all other unborn babies who are danger of being killed by Planned Parenthood. And thanks to LifeSite, hundreds of thousands of people heard what she had to say!

However, none of this would be possible without your financial support.

Now is the time to put even more time and resources into pressuring lawmakers to investigate Planned Parenthood, defund their work, and prosecute anyone caught doing illegal activity within the organization.

But to do that, we must reach our campaign goal of $200,000.

By God’s grace and through perseverance and determination, we have built a reputation for being the news outlet that tells the truth, no matter what the cost!

We are poised to make a huge impact on the culture with the number of people we can reach with our reporting – but we need your help to make that happen!

If you are a LifeSite reader, you have no doubt seen the headlines about the horrendous practices of Planned Parenthood. You have probably felt outrage at what is happening and wish you could do something about it.

Today, you can. A $25 donation can help us to reach 5,000 people with the truth.


You can also help us spread the truth by sharing our news stories on Facebook and with friends via email. Our daily news subscription is a free service!

Please join us in our efforts to bring the truth about life and family to the millions of people who don’t hear it from the mainstream media.

Most importantly, help us to expose Planned Parenthood! The more people we reach, the better chance we have of making progress towards defeating the abortion juggernaut who are responsible for the loss of so many innocent children each year.

We are committed to changing the culture – are you with us?