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(LifeSiteNews) — Following LifeSite’s mission to build a culture of life for everyone is an exciting, joyous, and faith-filled adventure in which countless LifeSite readers take full advantage, because they know that LifeSite’s world-class reporting, insightful interviews, and frontline coverage of the issues that matter most are unique in the pro-life and pro-family movement. 

That’s what makes the LifeSite family so important — and our readership so special. Our readers are personally invested in making LifeSite a success for them and their loved ones. In fact, our readers feel such a tremendous sense of fulfillment in supporting LifeSite that we have the receipts to prove it. 

Just last week, LifeSite called many of our supporters to hear what they had to say — and their responses were heartwarming: 

  • “We love that LifeSite is standing up for the faith, for putting the truth on full display. I can’t say enough positive things about LifeSite. In fact, we’ve sent a donation, received a nice card saying Thank You. We were shocked — and this phone call is nice too! You are all awesome! We really enjoy the content and a lot of people at church appreciate you!” — Financial supporter R. R. 
  • “You know what, I’m a revert to the Church. When I came back to the Catholic Church, I was very excited — but disturbed — from what I saw from the bishops. We need to put pressure on the bishops to rise up and be on fire for the faith. I’ll be praying for you and keep up the good work.” — Financial supporter S. R. 
  • “It’s so great to hear from you! We are in our 70s and have the time to watch all of LifeSite’s coverage. We love your work! Keep me in your prayers. God bless!” — Financial supporter E.M. 
  • “We appreciate everything you do, and meeting John-Henry a while back was just great!” — Financial supporter M.K. 

Supporting LifeSite is an exciting and empowering experience, bringing readers into an even deeper investment in the mission to build a culture of life. 

This is especially true during LifeSite’s 25 Day Countdown to Christmas — a celebration which subscribers can receive directly in their inbox featuring incredible LifeSite gifts, including: 

  • Prayer reflections  
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  • And so much more. 

Simply subscribe to LifeSite and be automatically entered into the 25 Day Countdown to Christmas, see what makes LifeSite work for you, and take advantage of the opportunity to support a faithful, traditional, and reliably conservative worldwide family like LifeSite. 

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