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Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, SwitzerlandYouTube/Screenshot

DAVOS, Switzerland (LifeSiteNews) — The president of the conservative Heritage Foundation in said in his appearance at Davos that the next Republican administration needs to reject “everything that’s ever been proposed at the World Economic Forum.”

Kevin Roberts, head of the Heritage Foundation, the leading conservative think tank in the U.S., said during a panel discussion called “What to Expect from a Possible Republican Administration?” that “the kind of person who will come into the next conservative administration is going to be governed by one principle and that is destroying the grasp that political elites and unelected technocrats have over the average person.”

“And if I may, I will be candid and say that the agenda that every single member of the administration needs to have is to compile a list of everything that’s ever been proposed at the World Economic Forum and object [to] all of them, wholesale.”

“Anyone not prepared to do that and take away this power of the unelected bureaucrats and give it back to the American people in unprepared to be part of the next conservative administration.”

Trump admin will ‘trust the science’ and reject push of gender ideology

Roberts said that the idea that the WEF is defending “liberal democracy” and the suggestion that Trump would be a “dictator” are both “laughable.”

“Whoever is the next conservative president is going to take on the power of the elites,” he declared.

“Political elites tell the average people on three or four or five issues, that the reality is X, when in fact reality is Y.”

Roberts went on to list five things as examples that President Trump will take on if he is elected:

“Take immigration: elites tell us that open borders and even illegal immigration are okay, the average person tells us in the United States that both rob them of the American way of life.”

“Elites also tell us that public safety isn’t a problem in American cities. Just travel to New York or Washington or Dallas, Texas. The average person will tell you that the lack of public safety damages not just the American way of life but their life.”

“Thirdly, I guess the favorite at the World Economic Forum, is climate change. Elites tell us that we have this existential crisis with so-called ‘climate change,’ so much so that climate alarmism is probably the greatest cause for [the] mental health crisis in the world. The solutions, the average person knows, based on climate change are far worse and more harmful and cost more human lives, especially in Europe during the time that you need heating, than to the problems themselves.”

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“The fourth: China. The number one adversary not just to the United States but to free people on planet Earth. Not only do we at Davos not say that, we give the Chinese Communist Party a platform. Count on President Trump ending that nonsense.”

“And fifth, another supernational organization, the World Health Organization, is discussing foisting gender ideology upon [the] Global South. These are practices that are under review if not being rejected, by countries in Northern Europe.”

“The new president, especially if it is President Trump, will, as you like to say, ‘trust the science.’ He will understand the basic biological reality of manhood and womanhood.”

“I think President Trump, if in fact he wins a second term, is going to be inspired by the wise words of Javier Milei, who said that he was in power not to guide sheep but to awaken lions,” Roberts concluded.

Roberts: ‘I’ll probably never be invited back’ to the WEF

In a video published on his X account shortly before his appearance in Davos, Roberts said that “for too long, the self-appointed globalist elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland have lorded over you and me.”

“And you’ll never guess, the president of the Heritage Foundation was invited this year to go, and against my preference, I’m going, on you behalf, to read these people riot act.”

“Their time of lording over us has come to an end, whether it’s COVID lockdowns, riding over there in their beautiful fancy private jets while lecturing us at the same time, sometimes while on the plane, that climate change is an existential threat.”

“I’m going to talk about all of it. I’ll probably never be invited back, but considering I never wanted to go in the first place, I look forward to it.”

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