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(LifeSiteNews) — Charles Kanjama, a lawyer from Kenya who has defended Africa’s anti-sodomy laws in response to criticism from the Vatican, will join the 2023 Rome Life Forum as a panelist.

The conference is set to take place on October 31 through November 1 in Rome, Italy, just after the conclusion of the Vatican’s Synod on Synodality. Its focus will be “on confronting the evils of the Deep Church and Deep State and their involvement in the Great Reset agenda.”

Attendees will be able to meet and engage in discussion with guest speakers, including Charles Kanjama. A prominent attorney in Kenya, Kanjama is the managing partner, head of disputes department and head of support services at the Muma and Kanjama Advocates law firm. He has more than 20 years of experience practicing law and is a member and chairperson of the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum.

Earlier this year, Kanjama spoke to LifeSiteNews’ John-Henry Westen about anti-sodomy laws being enacted in numerous African countries and, more specifically, the importance of Pope Francis to refrain from his criticism of bishops who support these laws. Pope Francis has previously condemned the criminalization of homosexuality, arguing instead for a need to “have a process of conversion.”

Kanjama responded by saying that the laws serve a “useful public purpose,” including the support of criticizing a lifestyle that much of society agrees is “harmful.”

“The only fundamental way you can protect society against the continued encroachment of homosexuality is to say that homosexuality is fundamentally harmful to the good of society,” Kanjama said. “And if society decides to criminalize, they are entitled to do it.”

The attorney also pointed out that “African countries normally receive aid from the West … including changing their laws on homosexuality. But we have seen that the African countries have on many occasions pushed back and said this is a form of cultural imperialism where you are trying to impose a culture that has settled and taken root in the West, even though our people have different sentiments.”

In July, the nation of Namibia outlawed same-sex “marriage” between citizens and foreigners, just months after Uganda’s parliament passed its “Anti-Homosexuality Bill.” Around the same time, the Kenyan Supreme Court stunned its conservative citizens by allowing pro-LGBT organizations to form despite pro-family laws. The ruling was appealed by Catholic bishops, who called the decision “unconstitutional” and “unwelcome” in the conservative nation.

Additional details on how to join Kanjama at the Rome Life Forum, including ticket sales, can be found here.


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