By John-Henry Westen

TORONTO, September 22, 2006 ( – One of Canada’s leading political columnists, the Globe and Mail’s John Ibbitson has once again demonstrated an intolerance for all things Christian. Writing on a new appointment to the Ontario Superior Court Ibbitson leads with quotes from the newly appointed justice given at a conference for Christian law students earlier this year.

Ibbitson then notes the appointment adding “One day, he might rule on the legality of abortion.” Ibbitson relates that the new judge has argued against same-sex ‘marriage’, on behalf of pro-family groups.

Earlier this week, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Vic Toews announced the appointment of David Brown as a judge of the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario. Brown a partner with the firm of Stikeman Elliott, in Toronto has been practicing law since 1983. Justice Brown’s practice expertise spans diverse areas from energy law and regulation to constitutional law and Charter litigation. Besides his practice commitments, Mr. Justice Brown has been an adjunct professor at Queen’s and Osgoode Law Schools for 18 years and is an immediate past director of The Advocates’ Society of Ontario. In addition, he is a prolific writer of legal and popular publications and articles.

Pro-abortion groups also condemned the appointment. Carolyn Egan, a spokeswoman for the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada was quoted in the Globe and Mail saying, “From what we understand, he [Judge Brown] holds these views himself. I think people should be aware of the views he has and how they could potentially impact on future decisions.”

Responding in the Globe and Mail Campaign Life Coalition spokeswoman Mary Ellen Douglas said the courts are full of left-leaning judges appointed by the Liberals.“It’s high time we had some balance on the bench. All the judges who have been appointed had the same left-wing agenda as the people who are complaining now. I think it’s refreshing to finally have some balance.”

The slam on Justice Brown marks the second time Ibbitson has reared his intolerance this month. In a September 6 column entitled “Canada’s tolerance conundrum” he referred to all who believe in the Bible’s teaching that sodomy is an abominationÂas beingÂbigots.“A fundamentalist Christian (or Muslim or Jew or whatever) might believe that, say, homosexuality is an abomination. But provided that person does not refuse to rent an apartment to one, or do anything else that violates the Charter or various human-rights statutes, the state would do well to simply leave the bigot alone,” he wrote.