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September 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Hillary Clinton calls legalized abortion-on-demand “sacrosanct” and says endorsing it should be a litmus test for Democratic Party legislators.

“After the election,” Clinton wrote in her forthcoming book, “What Happened,” “Bernie [Sanders] suggested that Democrats should be open to nominating and supporting candidates who are anti-choice. Other topics, such as economic justice, are sacrosanct, but apparently women's health is not.”

“I don't mean to criticize only Bernie here. A lot of progressives join him in thinking that reproductive rights are negotiable,” wrote the former Democratic presidential nominee whose surprise loss to Donald Trump left her party searching to ways to recover, including its “pro-choice” rigidity.

According to the Washington Examiner, Clinton in her book resurrects the old claim used by many political liberals — from former New York Governor Mario Cuomo to Senator Tim Kaine — that one can be “personally against abortion” and yet support abortion as a “right” in the law.

That duality is universally rejected by the pro-life movement, which regards laws allowing the killing of innocent, defenseless babies in the womb a human rights violation of incalculable proportions. As to Clinton’s tactic of advancing her “pro-choice” views on abortion in the name of “women’s rights,” pro-life women counter that across the world sex-selection abortions disproportionately kill female unborn children.

“I've been working for a quarter century with Democrats and Republicans alike to reduce the number of abortions, in part by expanding access to birth control and family planning, and we've made progress,” Clinton wrote, according to the Examiner. “And I picked as my running mate Tim Kaine, a Democrat personally opposed to abortion because of his Catholic faith but supportive of women's rights as a matter of law and policy.”

“But,” she concludes, “when personal views on abortion become public actions — votes on legislation or judges or funding that erode women's rights — that's a different matter.”

Understanding that many working-class Democratic voters are pro-life, there is a move afoot to make the Democratic Party — notoriously rigid in rejecting right-to-life advocacy — more open to pro-lifers. A March op-ed by Boston College theology professor Thomas Groome in The New York Times is headlined “To Win Again, Democrats Must Stop Being the Abortion Party.”

But Clinton is attempting to slam the door on this pro-life opening by effectively redefining what it means to be pro-life and asserting that the issue that unites right-to-life advocates — ending or at least placing meaningful limits on legalized abortion-on-demand — should be off the table for the Democratic Party and politicians who represent it.

“We have to remain a big tent, but a big tent is only as strong as the poles that hold it up. Reproductive rights is central to women's rights and women's health, and it's one of the most important tent poles we've got,” Clinton wrote.

Clinton’s pro-abortion sentiments run deep. As the pro-life lobby group Susan B. Anthony reminded its followers, the former First Lady to President Bill Clinton has called for an end to the Hyde Amendment, the longstanding federal policy prohibiting taxpayer dollars from paying for abortion on demand.

To that, SBA List president Marjorie Dannenfelser responded in January 2016: “Not only is she opposed to defunding Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton has now argued that taxpayers have an obligation to support abortion at any time, for any reason. This is the most dramatic pro-abortion position espoused by a leading political figure to date, and it changes the abortion debate. ‘Safe, legal, and rare,’ is long gone.”