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February 25, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Weeks after allegedly saying she had no regrets over her abortion, Amina Buddafly of the VH1 show “Love and Hip Hop New York” said her decision to abort her unborn child caused emotional scars that left her crying “for months.” And one day she will tell her child that decision was a mistake.

In an interview with VladTV posted online yesterday, the hip-hop songstress said reports that she felt no remorse over the decision were inaccurate.

“I definitely regretted it,” she said. “On the show, it seemed like ‘Oh, this is what I need to do, and I feel good about it.’ I didn’t feel good about it. I cried for months about it.”

“I actually look at it like a mistake now,” Amina said. “I messed up.”

“I was very emotional, and I should have just waited until my mind was clear,” she said, “but I made the decision while I was being not clear.”

Buddafly announced the abortion shortly after she learned that her wayward husband, Peter Gunz, had gotten fellow cast member Tara Wallace pregnant at the same time. Gunz tweeted that Wallace also had an abortion, but she gave birth to their third child together earlier this month.

Buddafly said she wishes she had discussed the decision with her husband. “He really didn't expect it,” she said. “He was sad about it.”

In an episode that aired last month, Buddafly told one of Gunz's children, Whitney, that she had aborted.

“I made the best decision in that moment,” the singer later said on camera. “I don’t like regrets in general. I don’t like to think about anything that I can’t change that’s in the past in a negative way. It is what it is and I have to be positive and move on from it.”

After that statement, it was widely reported that she had no regrets over having her abortion – a common contention of those who support abortion-on-demand. For instance, a study produced by the Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health last summer claimed that 95 percent of women do not regret their abortion, but critics say the survey was deeply flawed.

However, at the time of her abortion, Buddafly said, “I’m absolutely sad about it. And still, I’m gonna be sad for a long time.”

In the new interview, she said she was surprised to see her words used “promoting” abortion. “That's the part I regret,” she said. “I was just sharing my struggle with it.”

She said one day, she may tell her daughter, one-year-old Cori, about her sibling.

When asked what advice she would give her daughter if she were ever in the same situation, Buddafly responded, “Follow your heart. That was the one thing with the abortion – I didn't follow my heart.”

“My heart said, 'I'm going to have this baby,' and everyone else in my mind was like, 'This is not the right thing to do.' And for once, I listened to my mind, and it messed me up,” she said.

She is reportedly pregnant again with Gunz's eleventh child.