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QUEBEC CITY (Campagne Quebec-Vie) — Saturday, June 1, will mark a historic moment for Quebec City with the first-ever March for Life in the province.

This event joins the ranks of Marches for Life organized worldwide, including the one in Ottawa – founded 27 years ago – that brought together thousands of demonstrators on Parliament Hill on May 9, and the one in Washington D.C., founded in 1974, that drew nearly 100,000 participants in January.

The Quebec City March for Life is intended to be a festive, family-friendly event, while addressing serious issues with far-reaching consequences for Quebec society: attacks on human life such as abortion and euthanasia, often referred to by the euphemisms “voluntary interruption of pregnancy” and “medical aid in dying,” respectively.

“It’s high time Quebec had its own March for Life,” said Georges Buscemi, president of Quebec Life Coalition, the organization behind the event. “A society that wants to show solidarity with the marginalized and vulnerable cannot continue to ignore the unborn children targeted by abortion, who are the most vulnerable and ignored people there are.”

Organizers are expecting hundreds of pro-life demonstrators from across the province.

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he rally will start at 11 a.m. at the Tourny Fountain opposite the Quebec National Assembly. Musical entertainment will precede the speeches, which will begin at noon and end at 1 p.m., when the march through the streets of Quebec City will start. The march will conclude at the National Assembly, where, at 3 p.m., testimonies from women and men affected by the abortion issue will be presented. The annual event will end at 4 p.m.

Dr. Paul Saba, a doctor at Hôspital Saint-Joseph in Lachine, will be speaking to share the experiences of people who have refused abortion. “Is it too much to ask that we do everything we can to save the lives of children and all those who suffer until their lives end naturally?”

Representatives of various organizations from different communities — but sharing the same objective of defending human life from conception to natural death — will also be present to support the event.

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