By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

MIAMI, June 17, 2009 ( – Fr. Thomas Euteneur, President of Human Life International (HLI), is denouncing plans to implement “comprehensive sex education” for young children and teens throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

As LifeSiteNews reported Monday, public health leaders from throughout the region met with UN officials in Jamaica earlier this month to coordinate plans to implement pro-contraceptive, homosexualist sex education programs throughout the region, ostensibly in order to prevent the spread of AIDS.

“That is pure foolishness!” said Eutenuer in a press release issued in Spanish, adding that “The promotion of condoms has not detained the spread of HIV in the developing world.”

“Bombarding children with propaganda on sexual 'education' without values, and telling them that they are going to be 'safe' if they use condoms is exactly the way to ensure that they begin to have sexual relations before matrimony,” continued Eutenuer.

“This infamy is spread by pagans who want to obligate families to accept their hedonistic anti-values on the one Catholic continent that remains in the world. This is a violation of the sovereignty of the countries and the rights of the parents to educate their children in this very delicate area.”

The meeting, organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and attended by various representatives of Latin American and Caribbean health ministries, promoted the implementation of the “Mexico City Declaration on Sexual Education,” formulated last year during an international meeting in the Mexican capital.

The declaration endorses “comprehensive sexuality education starting in early childhood,” including the promotion of condom use to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. The document claims that “scientific evidence demonstrates that comprehensive sexuality education, including HIV/STI prevention methods – such as the correct and consistent use of male and female condoms … neither accelerates sexual debut, nor increases the frequency of sexual relations.”

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