Exclusive Commentary by Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer
  President, Human Life International

January 19, 2009 ( – Our hope is in the Lord and His goodness! Indeed, that hope is needed in a time when very dark clouds of abortion are gathering over the nation’s Capitol. It is evident to all who have eyes to see that those storm clouds will unleash a torrent of attacks upon life, marriage and family all over the world, and Human Life International (HLI) is bracing for the worst.

Barack Obama’s dismal record and rhetoric on life issues truly indicates how he feels about these critical matters and what he plans to do once in office. Our nation just elected a man who, if it can be believed, is more extreme in his anti-life stance than such pro-abortion stalwarts as Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi. Until he was in the presidential campaign, he didn’t even pretend to care about the opinions of those who believe every human life is sacred. We can expect more of that callous disregard for pro-life sentiments in areas of his administration which are more shielded from public opinion, such as foreign policy and the UN.

So what is the best response of the pro-life movement to the threat posed by an Obama administration?

First, all organizations that defend human life need to re-focus and recommit to their core missions. We at Human Life International will intensify our missionary efforts in other countries to thwart the Culture of Death through education, training, and activism while communicating with our supporters in the States the human cost of America’s most destructive export – its anti-life agenda.

Second, we can be civil in discourse and strive to show respect for the office which President Obama holds, but we cannot give ONE SINGLE INCH on any life issue or allow the civility of our discourse to be interpreted as compromise. HLI will continue to be a strong advocate of a comprehensive and coherent position on the life issues which encompass not only abortion but contraception and sex education as well. The culture of death is a package deal; so should our response be to it.

Third, for far too long the pro-life movement has largely ignored the Hispanic populations. They contributed in large part to the election of Obama, and through deception or lack of awareness of the reality that is before them, they are rapidly compromising their core values as Christians. HLI is on the ground floor of a new initiative to bring Hispanics in this country together in a pro-life coalition, welcoming and serving this population which is inherently pro-life but which is being targeted by the death peddlers.

Finally, nothing is more important than prayer. It’s not as if the Author of life is neutral on the questions of abortion, euthanasia, or embryo-destructive research. HLI will contribute to the overall force of prayer that is sweeping our nation right now in the form of 40 Days for Life and prayers for Obama’s conversion. We also invite all to join us in our St. Michael Prayer Campaign for the Conversion of Abortionists:

May He guide us in our efforts and strengthen us as we fight for life!