LOS ANGELES, October 11, 2005 ( – A soon-to-be released motion picture about the partial birth abortion debate is already attracting comment says its creator. A Distant Thunder is an independent 35-minute film created by Jonathan Flora, a writer and director who works for Disney.

“A Distant Thunder… is a supernatural, courtroom thriller that … is generating awareness and dialogue about a topic surrounded by a great deal of misinformation and controversy,” said Flores.

In an online interview, Flora said, “This project is not the norm for Hollywood. It has a very specific viewpoint and it goes against the current flow of what we hear Hollywood saying…I’m amazed at how many people have no idea what partial birth abortion is.”

Flora said that the issue of partial birth abortion has been greatly misunderstood by the public and hopes that his film will help lawmakers understand the pro-life position better.

Flora said, “We have been to Washington D.C. and met with Congressman Chabot, Senators Santorum and (Republican Senate Majority Leader William) Frist’s offices and several others. They will be holding a Congressional Screening this fall.”

The producers have also met with a number of prominent activists including Claude Allen (Chief Domestic Policy Advisor for the White House) and Florida Governor, Jeb Bush has requested a copy of the film.Â

A Distant Thunder has received interest from the film industry and was screened on September 26 and 29 at the International Family Film Festival in competition for Best Short Film in California.

The synopsis from the film’s website reads, “Things are not always as they seem…” Prosecuting attorney Ann Brown takes on a murder case “that will challenge everything she believes to be true.”

View the film’s trailer at: