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(LifeSiteNews) — Jennifer Aniston has long been vocal about her support for abortion. When Texas passed their heartbeat bill, she posted an old clip of Friends (in which she starred) with the line: “I repeat … no uterus, no opinion.” When Roe v. Wade was overturned, Aniston asserted that attacks on birth control and same-sex “marriage” would likely be next. She was a fan of Netflix boycotting Georgia over passing protections for pre-born children, calling it “fantastic.”

Her co-star on AppleTV+’s popular drama “The Morning Show” also has a lengthy pro-abortion track record. In 2019, Reese Witherspoon tweeted that she was “beyond upset about the passing of new abortion bans in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Georgia, and Ohio.” She joined other celebrities condemning the Texas protections for pre-born children in 2021. Witherspoon had a similar reaction to the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

None of that matters much — people don’t really take the political opinions of celebrities to heart. But the storytelling of these stars is something else entirely. Since the abortion wars got hotter in the runup to Roe’s overturn and further with the Dobbs decision, Hollywood has been ramping up the pro-abortion propaganda. Despite the views of the Hollywood elite, abortion storylines generally haven’t been popular for the simple reason that nobody much cared for them.

That has changed recently with big abortion dramas such as Never Rarely, Sometimes Always (2020); a hagiography of abortion activist Gloria Steinem, The Glorias (2020); abortion “comedy” Unpregnant; Elizabeth Banks’ Call Jane (2022) on the history of a pre-Roe underground abortion network. These stories are powerful attempts to change the narrative by mainstreaming abortion and casting abortion activists as heroes and pro-lifers as villains.

The Morning Show is the latest iteration in this propaganda campaign. In the premiere of Season 3, journalist Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) and anchor Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon) cover the fall of Roe v. Wade and the story of a young woman smuggling abortion pills across the border from Mexico into Texas. Just as in Call Jane, those providing illegal abortions are portrayed as heroes. Witherspoon’s character, who admitted to having an abortion on-air in the first season, wants to cover this story and tells Levy why.

“There’s this woman in Texas,” she says. “And she crosses over the border every single month into Mexico to get abortion pills for women who cannot drive hours to the nearest clinic. She’s doing work that really matters.” According to Jackson, the abortion pill “saves lives” (the pre-born child being aborted is not referred to) and she later refers to crisis pregnancy centers as “fake clinics” that “routinely lie to pregnant women about how far along they are, so that they think they’re too late to terminate the pregnancy. I mean, they’ll be three weeks along, and they’ll tell them that they’re eight weeks because the cutoff is six weeks.”

The journalists go on to refer to pregnancy care centers as “sick” and “insane,” while Levy (Aniston) lauds the illegal abortion pill smuggler in her coverage as “part of an underground network of volunteers who have been bringing abortion pills from Mexico into the U.S. Medication abortion is safe, and it is effective, and here in the remote Rio Grande Valley often the only option.” Live Action published a response noting that the abortion pill can, in fact, be quite dangerous to the mother, and that “PRCs have helped hundreds of thousands of women with material goods and resources, including health care, housing, baby gear, diapers, clothing, daycare, educational opportunities, and more.

One study estimated the value of the free services provided by PRCs to be over $270 million in just one year.

We will be seeing much of this pro-abortion propaganda from Hollywood on the big and small screen over the next few years. Stories are viscerally powerful, and abortion activists want to use grand narratives, likeable characters, and fascinating moral dramas to shift a majority of Americans to their side — that is, for abortion, against pregnancy care centers, pro-life politicians, and pro-life laws, and ultimately, toward a new American consensus that will result in Roe being enshrined in federal statute.

To be entirely fair to the cast and crew of The Morning Show, though — their drama is an accurate depiction of what the press looks like. That really is how they talk — and they really are that up front about whose side they really are on. It isn’t the little guy. It’s the abortion pill smugglers.