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(LifeSiteNews) – A Holocaust survivor has drawn a parallel between COVID-19 restrictions and the policies of Nazi Germany.  

In a March 9 interview with Rebel News, Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, drew a comparison between COVID restrictions, particularly those imposed on the unvaccinated, and the dehumanization campaign led by the Nazis against the Jews before and during World War II.  

“The Nazis used the fearmongering [tactic] of Jews [being] spreaders of infectious diseases, and that’s exactly the accusation against the unvaccinated, that they’re the spreaders of the virus, which they are not,” Sharav stated during her 36-minutes long interview with Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey.  

Sharav was three-and-half-years old when she was deported from her home in Romania and herded into a concentration camp in Ukraine. Her father died there of an infectious disease. In 1944, her mother managed to ransom her through an orphan organization, and she was sent back to Romania.  

The Holocaust survivor explained that having been disobedient at one point during that period and having refused to follow the dictates of government authority saved her life and was “a big lesson” for her.  

Drawing a parallel with the current situation, she called on more people not to comply with COVID restrictions imposed by “government dictates.” 

“I wish that most people would stop obeying because by obeying … you are allowing the dictators to flourish. They couldn’t do it without obedience,” she argued. 

Sharav insisted that restrictions imposed on the unvaccinated are unjustified as the experimental COVID vaccines have proven inefficient in stopping the spread of COVID-19; vaccinated people are still able to pass on and contract the disease.  

As Sharav pointed out in her interview, this is made obvious by the fact that the countries with the highest vaccination rates also have higher numbers of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. 

Data from variouscountries about COVID-19 hospitalizations point to a pandemic of the fully vaccinated, which goes against the mainstream narrative of a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”  

Sharav also drew a parallel between the segregation imposed on Jews during the 1930s to the one imposed on the unvaccinated now with the vaccine passports deciding “who may go to the public square, who is allowed to go into a restaurant, etc.” 

She compared the vaccine passport to the requirement to show “papers” in Nazi Germany and during World War II, which allowed the Nazis to set aside and demonize a whole segment of the population. 

“I’m talking about the period in the 30s before the Final Solution started to be carried out,” Sharav said. She argued that all such measures taken at the time were “stages” to slowly bring about the Holocaust. 

“The Holocaust happened in stages; it didn’t happen overnight,” she said.  

Sharav identified eugenics as the ideology behind both the Holocaust and the current COVID tyranny and described it as “the devaluing of some human beings.” 

“These edicts that essentially resulted in deaths were issued for both financial reasons and eugenics,” she said. 

Sharav opined that this eugenics-based ideology has “never been repudiated” by the elite layers of society.  

She also stressed the role of the medical establishment in enabling laws or restrictions that violate freedom and can ultimately lead to genocides.  

“The medical establishment, during the [time of] the Nazis and now, are the pivotal enablers,” Sharav stated.  

“Without the medical establishment neither regimes would have been able to get away with it,” she dontinued. 

“The medical establishment provide the veneer of legitimacy [for] genocides,”  

As reported by Rebel News, research has shown that the Nazis were able to use deaths from the 1918 flu pandemic to gain power politically