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(LifeSiteNews) – Holocaust survivor and medical activist Vera Sharav said recently on a podcast that we should be feeling “more than nervous” about the current state of public health measures, including lockdowns, forced vaccinations, and testing.  

Referring to the Nazi movement, Sharav said, “Fear is an extremely powerful psychological tool, that has been used by politicians always, the Nazis were particularly adept at it.” 

Sharav was brought on to the podcast to discuss the host’s concerns about the direction in which she believes public health measures are going. They discussed a range of topics having to do with the response to COVID-19 taken by various governments. 

In the opinion of the host, Trish Wood, there are parallels between the narrative surrounding the COVID-19 situation and the narrative common in Germany under Nazism that was used to subjugate citizens. 

Vera Sharav agreed that it is logical to see similarities between that time and our time. Of particular concern to Sharav and Wood is the fact that doctors then, as now, were largely caught up by ideas that harmed people on a significant scale.  

The Holocaust survivor specifically mentioned eugenics as a topic that occupied doctors during the lead-up to the Nazi movement in Germany. “In the early part of the [20th] century the entire academic establishment was infused with eugenics, stemming out of Darwin.” 

Sharav believes that the Darwinian idea of “survival of the fittest” was adopted by public health officials. “What happens with a public health policy is that public health officials decide who shall live and who shall die.” This mentality is, according to her, what led to the tragedies that occurred in Germany. 

She is worried that the same mentality has become ubiquitous in present-day public health and medical discourse. “I have come to the conclusion that when doctors become aligned with government – corporations for that matter – they discard their moral and professional responsibility to the individual patient.”  

In her opinion, it is “nonsense” to suggest that sacrificing the rights of individuals is conducive to the greater good; she said this in reference to the accepted orthodoxy of locking down society to protect a subset of the population.   

“As public officials they talk about the greater good. Who has the authority to decide what is the greater good? … If the individuals are oppressed or relegated to third-class citizens … what kind of society is it? We are now at the gate of that.” 

When asked about whether or not she believed we are in fact on the cusp of a Nazi-like society and why, Sharav replied emphatically: “I absolutely do… One of the main things that has happened in these 18 months of the pandemic is that fear has been the major weapon, which has really crippled people from thinking straight. It has isolated people and taught children to distrust other people: ‘They might be infected, they might infect me.’” 

In addition, she stated that vaccination passports “are the gateway to a totalitarian surveillance state.” She added, “it was under the Nazis, it was under Stalin, it was under Mao – it still is in China – this is where we’re going if we allow it to happen.” 

Sharav said that the Holocaust involved a unique link between the medical establishment and the goals of the Nazis. “Hitler then, as rulers now, deferred to the health officials. We are constantly being told, ‘we are following the science.’  As a result she says we are now witnessing a “complete overthrow of human civilization.” 

She said that much of the blame for the current state of affairs is to be laid at the feet of adults who need to “wake up” and who are “walking around like zombies.”  She stated that the “forced masking is the equivalent of the yellow Star of David that we as Jews had to wear. It demeans our humanity as free human beings.”