By John-Henry Westen

  JERUSALEM, February 1, 2007 ( – On Monday the city revered as ‘holy’ by the world’s major religions officially registered its first homosexual ‘marriage’ as the result of a court order.  The Interior Ministry Population Registry recognized the ‘marriage’ of homosexual activists Binyamin and Avi Rose who arranged a ‘marriage’ in Canada in June last year so as to force acceptance of such unions in Israel. 

  Homosexual activists wishing to import homosexual ‘marriage’ favour Canada since Canadian law does not require that either party to such ‘marriages’ be Canadian.

“We wanted the government of Israel to recognize that we are a couple,” Avi Rose told the Jerusalem Post.  “It was wonderful to get married at the city hall in Toronto, but it was far more important for the State of Israel to recognize us as a couple,” he added.

  Although it is the first homosexual ‘marriage’ registered in Jerusalem, it is not the first in the state of Israel.  An Israeli High Court ruling in November forced the government to register homosexual ‘marriages’ performed abroad in a case brought by five homosexual couples which was coordinated and funded by the homosexual activist group Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).

  Speaking on the ruling, Rabbi Yehuda Levin, the Special Emissary to Israel for The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the United States and Canada told that the it was tantamount to “a spiritual holocaust”, which he described as “worse than a physical holocaust.”

“There is something worse than taking an innocent person and exterminating them in this world,” said Rabbi Levin, “and that is when you take a person and exterminate him in this world and in the next world.”  He continued, “You do that by bringing him into licentious sin. That way you are killing him, as our Rabbis taught in the Talmud over two millennia ago, you kill the person in this world and in the next world by bringing him into licentious sin whether its adultery, or other perversion or homosexuality, sexual sin. That is worse than killing.”

  While he stressed that this would never excuse any type of genocide or holocaust, he added: “Therefore on a certain level, even anti-Semitism that leads to the destruction of the Jewish people, is not the ultimate evil.  The ultimate would be to take the Jew, or anybody else, and attempt to destroy them spiritually.  That would be the ultimate holocaust.”

  Rabbi Levin appealed to Christians to join in the struggle to liberate the Holy Land from the “spiritual holocaust.”  “In as much as this is a Jewish struggle,” he said, “for everyone who finds the Holy Land holy it is obligatory on them around the world to rally together with the forces who stand for morality.”

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