THE HAGUE, Feb 10 (  The head of the Vatican delegation to the Cairo +5 meeting, Msgr.  Frank Dewane of the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum,” spoke today at the forum’s plenary session.  He stated that “the role of the family … is strongly reaffirmed by the Holy See,” as is its rejection of “an individualistic concept of sexuality.” He also reiterated that it is the parents who have the primary responsibility to educate their children “in matters pertaining to sexuality and reproduction.”

The Vatican Information Service reported today that the head of the delegation condemned “emergency contraception” and the use of the RU 486 pill. “These abortive practices, camouflaged as means of contraception, are clearly contrary to national legislative systems which grant legal protection and safeguards to life from the moment of conception,” he said. “The Holy See continues to deplore recourse to sterilization by the exertion of various types of pressure on patients or by seeking to disguise this type of intervention.”

In a related story the pope summarized his trip to America saying he was overjoyed to have met with a large number of young people in Mexico and the United States who were very active and committed to the defense of life and of the family. He recalled with joy the readiness of the faithful to “repudiate and reject all forms of violence against the person, from the moment of conception until natural death, with intellectual and moral coherence. No to abortion and euthanasia! End the unnecessary recourse to the death penalty!”