AYLMER, ON, July 17, 2001 ( – The Home School Legal Defense Association of Canada (HSLDA) has written in support of the Christian family in Aylmer, Ontario whose 7 children, aged 6-14, were forcefully removed from their home by Children’s Aid workers.

HSLDA notes that since the family is not a member of HSLDA and do not home school their children, the HSLDA is not taking on the case. However, they are assisting the family in finding lawyers and plan to work closely with them “to ensure that the most family-friendly result is reached.” HSLDA has encouraged its members to “show support for this family and for parental rights and freedoms” by contacting public officials, writing local newspapers, prayer and offering financial support to the family’s defense fund.

In related news, the family’s Mennonite-type Christian church is reporting that the religion of the removed children is being ridiculed and called false by persons in the homes to which the children have been sent.

The list of people to contact given by the HSLDA are:

Premier Mike Harris Legislative Building Queen’s Park, Toronto ON M7A 1A1 [email protected] 416.325.1941 – O 416.325.3745 – F

Hon. John Baird Minister of Community and Social Services (and Minister Responsible for Children)  Hepburn Block 6th Floor 80 Grosvenor Street, Toronto ON K2H 9C2 [email protected] 416.325.5225 – O 416.325.5221 – F

Steve Peters M.P.P. for Elgin-Middlesex-London (Liberal)  Room 331 Legislative Building Queen’s Park Toronto ON M7A 1A4 [email protected] 416.325.7250 – O 416.325.7262 – F

Mr. Peters’ Executive Assistant has been responding by stating that the matter is “before the courts” and that it would therefore “be entirely inappropriate for any elected member of the Legislature to make any comment on this case whatsoever.” Although technically correct, Canadian elected representatives have often managed to take some actions on matters “before the courts”, depending on the intensity of their personal interest in the matter.

Ontario residents, find the contact information for you local M.P.P. at:

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