Homosexual Activist and Admitted Thief Svend Robinson Confirms he Will Run Again

VANCOUVER, October 21, 2005 ( – After admitting to thieving a $64,000 ring last year but let off without conviction, former New Democratic Party MP Svend Robinson announced today that he will run again for the NDP for the Vancouver Centre seat – currently held by Hedy Fry – in the next federal election.

“I’m asking for a second chance,” he said at a news conference, as reported by the Canadian Press. “I should be judged for my entire record of hard work.” The self-described homosexual said he was eager to get back to issues dear to him like fighting hate crimes against homosexuals.

Robinson reiterated his apparent sorrow for the theft last year. “Again today I want to say how deeply sorry I am,” he said. “I was, for the first time, in a position where I actually confronted some of the demons and actually got help. I didn’t do that before,” he claimed.

Claiming to suffer from a mild form of bipolar disorder, when pressed, Svend admitted he does not take medication for the condition. “I’m careful about medication because I think it’s really important not to suggest that because I may not be taking medication at this point, which I’m not, that somehow there’s anything wrong with medication,” he said. ‘I wouldn’t be taking this step unless I had the full confidence of my therapist.”

Well known for being the first openly gay politician and notorious for instigating several maverick events, such as being present during an illegal assisted suicide, Mr. Robinson is most recently known for his theft last year of the $64,000 ring for his gay lover, a theft for which Robinson received only a conditional sentence, along with 100 hours of community service. He received neither jail time nor a criminal record for the theft.

Robinson, next to his criminal activity, is best known for Bill C-250, which made public criticism of homosexuals a hate crime in Canada’s criminal code. He also actively campaigned for legalization of euthanasia and was associated with the illegal assisted suicide of Sue Rodriguez. In 2001, Robinson introduced a bill to legalize same-sex “marriage” in Canada.

In 1999, Robinson presented a 1,000 name petition to parliament requesting the removal of the reference to God in the preamble of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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