OTTAWA, December 10, 2003 ( – Scott Brison, the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative MP has defected to the Liberal Party, and Liberal Leader and Prime Minister Paul Martin enthusiastically welcomed Brison saying he was a “tremendous addition” to the Liberal Party.  Martin also said he will work with Brison to make the Liberal party attractive to other disillusioned Tories. Martin recently appointed former Ontario MPP Tim Murphy, a long-time advocate of homosexual ‘marriage’, to the highest position in the Prime Ministers Office – Chief of Staff.  Brison, a homosexual activist MP was until last week widely reported as considering a run for the Leadership of the newly created Conservative Party of Canada, the merged party of the former Progressive Conservatives and Canadian Alliance.  Brison, who has publicly admitted to be a practicing homosexual, supports homosexual ‘marriage’.  He came in fourth in a leadership race to lead the Progressive Conservatives earlier this year.  See the CBC coverage: