BUENOS AIRES, November 6, 2003 ( – The Catholic Cathedral in Buenos Aires Argentina was attacked by homosexual activists on Saturday November 1.  During a march organized by the Argentina homosexual community and the Argentinean Association of Transsexual Persons and Transvestite, a group of demonstrators spray-painted the outside walls and columns of the Buenos Aires cathedral with offensive images and insults.  The Archdiocese of Buenos Aires decided against pressing charges but criticized the actions saying, “in a pluralist society, when minority groups express themselves, it would be logical for them to show respect for the religious sentiments of the majority”.  Jewish, Muslim and trade union groups also condemned the attack.  Fides news service reports that the Islamic Centre of the Republic of Argentina issued in a statement on 3 November 2003 signed by the President Adel Mohamed Made, expressing profound concern for the incident: “The episode offends not only the Catholic community it wounds the large majority of Argentina’s social tissue. In a country which guarantees religious freedom unfortunately we still see some sectors which demonstrate harsh intolerance”.  The Buenos Aires Herald reports that an independent lawyer has filed a formal complaint about the vandalism which he believed was motivated by “religious hatred.” If the prosecutor in the case acknowledges the accusations, it will be the first time that a gay rights group in Argentina is sued for discrimination, says the paper.  See Fides and the Buenos Aires Herald online at: