Homosexual Activists in Massachusetts High School Target Vulnerable Youth

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

  ACTON, MASSACHUSETTS, November 14, 2007 ( - A recent report by MassResistance, a Massachusetts pro-family action group, has revealed the extent to which the homosexual lobbies have infiltrated the state school system and use vulnerable youth to further their cause.

  A situation described in the report began when a 17-year-old special-needs student, Claudia Contrada, daughter of MassResistance staffer Amy Contrada, was transfered from the private parochial school she had attended to the public school system. This seemed a good choice to Claudia’s adoptive parents because of the greater availability of special-needs support.

  Though Claudia, of Korean ancestry, has learning disabilities and psychological/emotional issues she is talented in singing and especially acting. Her therapists said participating in her school’s drama program would be very beneficial for her. She is described as having a beautiful voice and a fantastic memory for lines and lyrics.

  When the play Claudia’s high school drama club planned to perform was made known ("The Laramie Project"), her parents were dismayed by the pro-homosexual, anti-Christian messages it contained. After meetings with school officials failed to persuade them to choose a different play, they reluctantly decided to allow her to participate because of her special educational and emotional needs. It is not yet known if any special arrangements were requested to protect Amy from participating in any of the more objectional parts of the play.

  This is when the full extent of the aggressive homosexual activism in the school was revealed. Claudia, known to be from a strongly traditional principles family, was assigned a high school guidance counselor who was the school’s gay-straight alliance club advisor. The school drama director gave Claudia reading material normalizing homosexuality and demonizing those with traditional values as "haters", in preparation for play rehearsals.

  As rehearsals continued, Claudia heard references to her mother being a "homophobe" and a "bigot" because she had objected to the play being presented in the school.

  According to the MassResistance report, when Claudia told her mother and father that she thought she was lesbian, "They basically ignored it as another silly idea that Claudia got from the latest school lunacy, and nothing more. Claudia doesn’t really understand what "lesbian" is. It was all about getting attention. They did worry that she was starting to hang out with some very strange kids who had their own emotional problems stemming from "gay" and "transgender" identity issues."

  On Sept. 26, Mark Snyder, a 24-year-old homosexual activist from Boston, posted a "news item" on his website titled "Anti-gay zealot’s daughter to star in Laramie Project."

  From there on, Claudia had become a "cause célèbre" for the homosexual lobbyists in Massachusetts, who have gone so far as to create a Facebook account for her where she began to receive messages encouraging her to "come out" as a lesbian, contact other homosexual groups and give interviews to homosexual newspapers. She was contacted by a Boston Globe reporter who tried to convince her to do a newspaper interview without her parents’ prior knowledge or consent.

  MassResistance reports on its website that "Claudia’s pre-existing issues were exacerbated to such a degree that her health professionals and parents finally concluded that at the very least she needed to leave Acton-Boxborough High School."  Brian Camenker of MassResistance confirmed to today that Claudia has been taken out of the school and "so far the gays haven’t found her."

  See a detailed account of the Claudia Contrada saga at

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