MONTREAL, November 9, 2001 ( – The Quebec Superior Court began hearings today into a case brought by homosexual activists to have homosexual marriage legalized. The Quebec case marks the third homosexual marriage challenge in Canadian courts this year. The challenges were orchestrated by the homosexual activist group Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE).

In July 2000, EGALE put out an alert seeking “couples in committed relationships to tell the courts, the media and the public their reasons for wanting the right to choose whether or not to get legally married.” EGALE said it would select the most promising prospects and that they should be ready for a long legal battle but would not incur any legal expenses.

EGALE’s intervention in these cases is funded by the Court Challenges program. This is a federal taxpayer-funded program which has funded radical social change groups’ efforts to impose unpopular changes in law on Canadians via the courts.

In related news, Gwen Landolt, of REAL Women Canada, an intervening group in the Ontario and BC cases told LifeSite that while the BC case was easily won for the pro-family forces, the Ontario and Quebec cases would be more difficult. She suggested that in Ontario the lawyers representing faith and pro-family groups had done splendid work in arguing the case for traditional marriage, and their presence would likely be the deciding factor in the event of a win for traditional marriage. Landolt expressed concern over the outcome of the Quebec case.

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