SAN FRANCISCO, September 16, 2005 (  Homosexual activists are planning to turn up the heat on California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to convince him to reverse his decision to veto a same-sex “marriage” bill that passed the House and Senate there.

According to a report from a homosexual activist news site, some homosexual groups are even calling for violence. reported that one homosexual called on Equality California leader Geoff Kors to use “direct action tactics” to convince Schwarzenegger he is making a the wrong move.

Same-sex “marriage” campaigners have scheduled a meeting with the governor for September 21, two days before Schwarzenegger receives the bill. Homosexual activist, San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano, made the statement that the governor’s siding with US President George W. Bush on the issue was a “tango of death with the Bush administration.”

“Advocates are trying to build pressure with phone calls and letters and Leno said they are planning on buying advertising with a message to the governor’s Kennedy clan wife: ‘Don’t let him do it Maria,’” the web site states.

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