MADRID, January 7, 2004 ( – The Spanish homosexual activist group Popular Gay Platform has launched a lawsuit against Spanish Catholic Primate Cardinal Antonio Maria Rouco Varela for a sermon he gave in the Madrid Cathedral on the Sunday after Christmas – the feast of the Holy Family.

In his sermon the Cardinal explained that to provide the benefits of marriage to “all types of unions, including those by nature unable to have children, will result in the systematic destruction of the social security system.” He said social security is best served by “the fecund love of the Christian family.” 

The cardinal asked, “How many large families have experienced criticism from the very same people who will depend in their time of sickness and old age on the generous contributions of the children of these families to the social security system?” 

The homosexual activist group president claimed the Cardinal’s remarks constitute “slander and an incitement to discrimination” on the basis of sexual orientation.

Spain is in the midst of a low birth rate crisis with one of the lowest birth rates in the world at 1.2 children per woman.  Even conservative estimates by the United Nations show that Spain’s population will decrease 9.4 million by 2050 and will have a massive burden of elderly to support without a sufficient base of workers.  Projections see the over 65 age group in Spain rising to 35% in the next 50 years. 

With files from the Washington Post