Tuesday October 3, 2000


VANCOUVER, Oct 3 ( – A human rights tribunal met yesterday to hear the complaints of homosexual activists against the pro-family group Citizen’s Research Institute (CRI). In 1997, nine homosexual activists made a complaint to the B.C. Human Rights Commission claiming that a document produced by the CRI was hateful and discriminatory. The document – Declaration of Family Rights – was issued so that parents could use it to prevent the imparting of information by activist teachers that may be discriminatory or inconsistent with a family’s beliefs, values and/or moral views. The Declaration ensures that every family’s beliefs and moral values are respected within the classroom.

Kari Simpson of CRI says that the case is futile, but is costing BC taxpayers. The activist lawyer representing the homosexuals is Barbara Findlay, a member of the notorious activist group Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE). Simpson said she is “appalled by the blatant political agenda of both the B.C. Human Rights Commission and the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal in pandering to social engineers/activists.” She noted that “Parents have the right to direct the moral education of their children. Activist teachers do not have the authority to discriminate or usurp the authority of parents. Public education and Human Rights Commissions must not be used as convenient vehicles for political agendas. The Supreme Court of Canada has consistently upheld the rights of parents in education. The recent Court of Appeal decision involving the Surrey Book case again recognized and upheld these inalienable rights.”

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